Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine… and 2nd half goals

So Christmas has been and gone as quick as it took Carlos Tevez to board a plane to China, and once again, after all the anticipation and excitement, the present we wanted the most never arrived. A tweet flash up on my brand new (insert expensive Xmas gift here) titled OVER 0.5 GOALS BET!

There weren’t many games to choose from on Christmas Day but everytime my phone buzzed I was instantly jumping up from the table knocking red wine and gravy everywhere to see if Galatasary had made it to half time at 0-0. They hadn’t, but on that game since when did Nigel de Jong start scoring goals…

Anyway, Christmas Day didn’t deliver what we all wanted, so it was over to Boxing Day to make up for it and it didn’t let us down. With most of Europe’s football teams lapping up some winter sun The Panel turned to Peterborough, Tranmere, and Peterhead in the 3 O’clockers to get a quick treble under our belt. These were quickly followed up with glamour trips to Hull and Newcastle which didn’t disappoint either. Five winners out of five in a matter of hours and those Christmas presents were paid for.

Ok, so the success of Boxing Day cant have us pushing for a change in lyrics to Cliff Richards 1988 Christmas classic yet, but with ‘The Curse of 2016’ taking down 80’s celebrities quicker than Operation Yewtree at its height, we may need to start this campaign sooner rather than later.

On a side note and I know we tweeted about it on Boxing Day, but it’s worth mentioning again. There were 11 half time 0-0’s in leagues we track, 5 we tweeted which came in and 6 we didn’t which all finished 0-0. It may be a small sample and we haven’t achieved this everyday this week but it shows what we are working towards.

One’s to watch:

Hull v Everton (Friday 20:00 – Premier League)

If you’re after half time 0-0 form then you can’t look any further than this Friday night treat. Hull’s last two games have both been 0-0 at the break and they have gone on to concede. Look back a bit further still and three of their past five games have been 0-0 at half time and have delivered that all important second half goal. Add to this the fact that Everton’s last two games were also 0-0 at half time with goals being scored in the second half and it looks like a banker to me.

Derby v Wigan (Saturday 15:00 – Championship)

A potentially risky choice as neither team scores or concedes bucket loads of goals, but that is what has drawn me to it. Derby have been involved in 10 games that finished 1-0 this season and of these eight had a goal scored in the second half. Combine this with Derby’s great run of form and Wigan’s losing streak, then only Jussi Jaaskelainen’s goal being breached before the half can stop this one coming in.

Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic (Saturday 13:00 – Scottish League One)

Going north of the border for the final selection and this game looks prime for goals. Let’s just hope they’re all in the 2nd half. Alloa are scoring almost 2 a game and conceding over 1, whilst Stenhousemuir are conceding over 2 a game and scoring over 1. Looks perfect.

Happy New Year


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