The Year of The Gambling Panel.

It’s been two weeks since our last blog post, but don’t worry we haven’t gone away. We just wanted to free up some extra time for us to work on additions to the algorithm. Whilst we’re currently running at an 80% win rate, and that’s enough to turn a profit when following the regular saver method, we know we can do better and we’re tracking different stats and methods to help us do this. We don’t have anything ready for release just yet, but as soon as we’re happy with the tests you’ll see that win rate jumping to 85% and more.

As well as working on the algorithm, we are always looking into new features and markets. Last month we released our latest feature the Current Matches page and if you haven’t checked it out yet make sure you do after reading this. It’s a favourite feature of The Gambling Panel and we will often spend a Saturday/Sunday afternoon (Tuesday morning at work) scrolling through the current matches looking to see what games are approaching half time at 0-0. This allows us to do some early preparation and research into what we think will meet the algorithms criteria and look into the extra factors we spoke about in a previous blog post  (The Legend of David Htan). It can however be used for much more than that, I’m sure some of you have been sitting watching a game thinking The Gambling Panel will be tweeting this one soon only to be surprised when it doesn’t come. Well the Current Games page would be your place to turn to check out what bet score the algorithm has calculated. Remember we only tweet games with a bet score of 50% or greater and although we don’t recommended it, you may be happy to take a greater risk with a lower bet score and we will show all tracked games on this page. Another feature of the page is to list all tracked games that have had a first half goal and assign the game a bet score, this uses the same logic that is applied to the half time 0-0’s so theoretically could be used to predict the chances of that game having another goal. The key thing to remember when using the page is that the bet score assigned to a game is fixed at half time and is what is used for our tweet. So if you do open the page and see a 75% bet score in the 80th minute then that would be why.

We hope you find the page useful and we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a new blog. In the mean time don’t forget to check out the Current Matches page:
Ones to Watch:

Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa – (Saturday 17:30 – Championship)

Both teams need a win here, Forest to continue the climb away from the relegation zone and Villa to try and stop the rot. Forests last five league games have been 0-0 at half time and four of those have gone onto have a second half goal. Whilst Villa haven’t had a 0-0 since September. Looks perfect.

Melbourne Victory v Melbourne City – (Saturday 08:50 – Australia)

Set the alarm for this one if you’re having a big Friday night as Tim Cahill’s City travel to the Ethiad Stadium on Saturday morning for the Melbourne Derby. Neither team are enjoying the best run of form but both need the win to reignite their title aspirations. There has not been a 0-0 between these two since 2013 and that was 13 games ago. Also neither team has had a 0-0 all season. Expect goals and hopefully for us, all in the second half.

PAOK v Asteras – (Sunday 15:15 – Greece)

PAOK are a Gambling Panel favourite who have provided us with a winner on multiple occasions albeit leaving it late at times. They are on a 6 game winning run and have not had a 0-0 since October. Asteras have not kept a clean sheet away from home in the league all season, so let’s home this form continues.


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