In The Server Room…


Our Twitter account is 6 months old next week, in that time we’ve had a lot of new followers and lots of new questions recently – thanks for getting involved and all the (nice) comments! I hope a lot of you have been benefiting from our tweets!

The over 0.5 goals market is something we have actually been tracking for nearly 2 years now with 2600+ games in our database. And it is this data that underpins our confidence in the algorithm that decides – come 0-0 at half time – do we tweet a game? We know, based on historic games, we predict that correctly 80% of the time. With that, a bet of better odds than 1/4 (80% Breakeven) is required to guarantee a long term gain.

This is something we wanted to share with the world and hence @gamblingpanel was born!


We get asked a lot of questions about ‘What shall I stake?’ and ‘What techniques do you use to win?’, ‘Why are there no tips today?’. There are multiple ways to maximise the profit you can gain from The Panel. In short, we don’t want to tell you how much to bet (We don’t know the size of your bank accounts!) and we have published some of the techniques we have used here: Case Study – Winning With The Panel

Our main principles:

  • Automate
    Our server is a machine without emotion. Automatically tweeting games based on our algorithm keeps our system level-headed. Some tipsters go on a run and get carried away or worse, start chasing losses. This is a massive contradiction on what we are about. The nature of our automation means some days are going to be quiet; some will make you feel like you can’t keep up!
  • Be Consistent
    Once you have a method, do not deviate. We hate seeing challenge bets from tipsters on twitter. When a tipster wins 6,7,8 in a row, it is easy to jump on the bandwagon. But tips lose – and you need to have a consistent method that can handle these losses. Ok, the odd few reach their target and a handful of people make a lot of money from it. But longer term, it is hard to make profit.
  • Use Stats
    Stats inform all of our decisions. From the bets we place, to the betting techniques we use, even the analytics of our own twitter account! There is so much data available and not a lot of people know how to combine, clean and analyse it to make decisions from it.
  • Strive to Improve
    And with this data, we aim to improve. Monitoring all our tips and the outcome of them allows us to add improvements over time.

New Visualisations:

Here are two new visuals added to our weekly stats that can help your betting:


Historic Win Rate – Shows how we are trying to adapt the algorithm for the better. We monitor our own performance and only make changes that should positively affect our win rate.

Over Goals Analysis – Shows each week if you could have made money betting on over 1.5, 2.5 etc. goals instead.

MemberZone – Coming Soon

Thanks for voting in our recent twitter poll in which you wanted ‘Both Teams to Score’ tweets made available (coming very soon – all the code is in place!). In the background, we have been working hard to utilise some of our existing techniques to analyse other markets – in particular, pre-game markets.


Part of our plan now is to give our followers the option to sign up to our MemberZone to gain full access to some of the more in-depth stats and some newer markets we roll out. We want to continue to improve and give you new features and it takes time and effort to do that.

We have lots of plans and a huge pipeline of features waiting to be deployed. We are still figuring out exactly what MemberZone is, but rest assured, it will contain the same transparency and same analytical approach we always apply which, as our experience has shown, makes our followers money.


1 thought on “In The Server Room…”

  1. Hi, recent follower & rather enjoying your statistical approach, the fact that notifications come in a steady flow via Twitter are particularly pleasing to me, I’m not a hardened gambler by any means, in fact quite new to it, not looking to get rich & retire just like the excitement of making a few quid for fun.
    Anyway, your work is very much appreciated & long may it continue.


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