What (not) to do when the odds aren’t good enough?

1/9 Pffffftt (insert crying laughter emoji here)

A standard incoming comment at Panel HQ – imagine sent by the Charlie Morgan type person* the sooner we employ someone to find these, delete these and block the sender, the better….. Okay a bit extreme, but we see this all too often.

I can see the logic, I get it – online tipster posting tips at 1/9 is ridiculous. Firstly, it doesn’t take a tipster to say that a 1/9 shot is likely to happen. Secondly, putting £9 on to win 1 is hardly going to get you invited to be the next Dragon in the den. I see your point. But we aren’t just any other tipster saying bet on this, with this amount, at this price – we’re very different.

Here at TGP (that is The Gambling Panel, not some unknown sex abbreviation Twitter would lead you to…) the tips are all automated. Whether it’s 10/1 or 1/10 – if the stats appease the algo, it will tweet! We also don’t dictate how much to bet, which method to use or when to bet. Our service automatically provides you the information that a game is currently 0-0 and looks great for a goal.

As users of our system, we share your frustrations when we check to see Barcelona at home to a Tony Adams “managed” Granada is 1/12 at the time of the tweet… But we don’t tweet our frustration (as it is out of our hands) we wait until it reaches a sensible price, then we bet. If there’s a goal before the price is reasonable, then we don’t go to bed and wait for the South American market to start, simples…

So next time you receive a tweet from The Gambling Panel for a game where the odds aren’t backable yet, before venting your frustration with a tweet to us – think:

– Was the tweet automated?

– Did The Gambling Panel decide the price?

– Can The Gambling Panel do anything about the poor price?

– Can I wait to see the price improve or even back over 1.5 goals?

If the sequence of answers to these questions matches Yes, No, No, Yes – then don’t tweet your annoyance, we already understand. If the sequence of answers to these questions is anything else… stick to following Andy Nobson.

A gambley day in the life of Jay

When I’m not rhyming sub-headers I’m answering another popular question fired into Panel HQ – ‘Which technique is best for long-term profit?’ – now I cant answer this with stats and cold hard facts yet, but I can give you an insight into a technique which has proved successful for me. Even on one of The Panel’s darkest days – Saturday 29th April aka Serie B-gate.

It started so well. Panel day out – Fulham v Brentford. Beers in. Longshot acca’s on. £15 in my account ready to place on the next Gambling Panel tweet. Perfect, and it’s not even 10am.

~BUZZ~ #YanbianFunde 0 #ChangchunYatai 0

So my first port of call is to open FotMob, check the league table – is one team far superior than the other (always a preference), do both teams score and/or concede more than they’ve played (an obvious criteria), have they drawn many recent games 0-0, have there been many 0-0’s in the H2H stats.

All criteria suitably met – 15 sovs on at 1/2. Beer please.

It’s not too long before the winning buzz comes through. Lovely.


So another thing I like is to always have money remaining in my account, takes a slight (ever so slight) edge off when that dreaded loss comes. A tenner left in, warchest currently at £12.50…

As the morning went on, the current matches page got refreshed more times than The Fappening website in it’s prime. Desperate for one last cheeky Asian match to tweet. Alas, it didn’t. The European market clocks in.

Whilst I patiently wait for the next bet we managed to find the one of the roughest pubs in Fulham… (yeah apparently they do exist in Fulham) and as luck would have it, not only was the answer to the first pub quiz question ‘What are you looking at?’ Said pub was also incapable of receiving texts and more importantly, tweets… A brace of German losses missed. Luckily, because looking at the stats after I would’ve smashed into the double.

Soon after…

~BUZZ~ #Latina 0 #Ascolii 0

~BUZZ~ #Ternana 0 #Carpi 0

~BUZZ~ #Spezia 0 #SPAL 0

Perfect. An Italian hatty. I’m usually pretty sceptical about one Serie B game, let alone three, but a skinful of Guinness does wonderful (terrible) things. F*ck it – I’m on. £12.50 on the 2.7/1.

Soon after…


All lost. Unheard of from The Panel. Five defeats on the bounce. I was as angry as Troopz hearing Wenger has signed a new 10 year contract. Fam.

No hiding place at Craven Cottage unfortunately. Every direction we turn, another rake to stand on. Apologetic tweet sent. Understandable angry backlash awaits and there were some good’uns…


3pmer’s came and went, left due to a lack of signal inside the Cottage and to regain my composure – more importantly to refrain from chasing (which is so often the temptation).

SOS tenner is in-play and so the run begins…

~BUZZ~ #Boavista 0 #Tondela 0 – 8/15 – IN


~BUZZ~ #Vitkovice 0 #UstinadLabem 0 – 2/5 – IN

£21.47 – Security tenner contingency plan out of the window.

~BUZZ~ #Nantes 0 #Lorient 0 – 2/5 – IN


~BUZZ~ #RealPotosi 0 #ClubUniversitario 0 – 4/11 – IN


~BUZZ~ #Chaves 0 #Porto 0 – 3/10 – IN


(Note – more games than this run were tweeted. They just didn’t meet my personal criteria for backing – obviously they all won as well!)

~BUZZ~ #Iberia 0 #CoquimboUnido 0 – 2/5 – IN


~BUZZ~ #Guadalajara 0 #Leon 0 – 1/3 – IN


What a turn of fortunes! Lady luck finally shining on us. My withdrawal limit is usually £100 but after consuming Ade Akinfenwa’s weight in Tequilla and Espresso Martini’s and with my state of judgement as good as the McCann’s, I’d let the 78p slide.

So there’s an insight into my use of The Gambling Panel’s tweets. It doesn’t always work, sure. But I find it works for me and I can definitely say I’ve withdrawn more than I’ve deposited – so I must be doing something right.


*Charlie Morgan – Swansea Ballboy vs Chelsea 2013. Remember this guy? Man did he irk me. What a pr*ck. I’m sure he’s matured into a tolerable lad now, but seriously look at that…

blog120517 - 1blog120517 - 2blog120517 - 3

Actually forget it, he’s probably still a ……….

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